when God slapped zayn for being too perfect


  • Person: Aren't you a little too old to like One Direction
  • Me: 
  • Me: 
  • Me: 
  • Me: 
  • Me: Do you think Harry is grabbing his dick for the 11 year olds to enjoy because I don't think so
  • person: so what music are you into?
  • me: are you sure you're ready for this conversation



7 dangerous myths about women who wear hijabs

The hijab is not the most important part of being a Muslim woman, but it is certainly the most visible. In a time when Islamophobia only seems to be on the rise in the West, a practice that is so personal and diverse has become a warped and misunderstood part of a flat and monolithic picture of Muslim women.

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That’s riiiight

Zayn - Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California - 11th September 2014